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Aakash Gautam is an astronomer, educator, author and an outer space communicator who hails from the land of snow, Himachal Pradesh, India. He has been educating the general public and youth especially students about astronomy and how is it important to us. Today, he is widely known by his online pseudonym Planet Aakash for his work in astronomy videos, infographics, and visual content imagery. Gautam is the founder of Planet Aakash School and has also authored a book named Astronomy: The Unknown.

The Beginning!

From always he had this passion for space exploration. Getting access to the internet at an early age and helped him to further delve into the Cosmos. He started watching TV shows, documentaries on space and astronomy and eventually got addicted to them. He recalls his interest starting at age 10-11 when he first watched the science TV show named Through the Wormhole. It was the first season of the series, narrated by Morgan Freeman. He still distinctly remember the name of that episode – ‘What happened before the beginning?’ And, yeah…that was pretty much the beginning of his interest.

Growing Up!

Growing with this passion, it was obvious to Aakash to share his passion with others. Therefore, He started to share thoughts about space with family and friends, but unfortunately, they weren’t that interested in this thing. So, evidently he turned to social media. He started making friends with similar interest on Facebook and alike platforms and joined multiple groups related to Astronomy.


Well, We, as a species, are explorers. The valuable and often neglected source of wisdom and curiosity can be found not in what we know but in what we don’t know. Following the same essence, the very nature of this vast dark cosmos motivates him to learn as well as educate others about it, and Hence Planet Aakash. As soon as, Aakash saw a boom in digital media platforms in India, he quickly shifted gears and made his presence all over the social media. Today is Planet Aakash is spread over 10 ‘sharing’ platforms.

For me, Outer space is like a divine nectar – a continuous source of inspiration and learning. Moreover, the joy I found in learning space and educating others about it is enduring.

Aakash Gautam
Kivo Daily and India’s largest youth-focused media platform Youth Ki Awaaz deemed Gautam as one of the pioneers in new-age digital media space communication. He is one of the acknowledged science communicators by the Indian Academy of Sciences.

Space is my religion. Keep Looking Up!

Aakash Gautam


Gautam has a keen interest in educating and teaching people not just about astronomy and space science but also other subjects. His favorites include programming, psychology, and marketing. He follows the principle of CREATE-EDUCATE-CURATE-ADVOCATE. He suggests creating things for people as simple as possible to make grasping the power of the content much more. Then educate people about the subject, Once you curate or ignite people on interesting areas from the subject; they become fairly interested in the subject too; they start to explore little things from the subject on their own. At last, advocate about the subject, popularize the subject. It is a continuous process as Aakash describes it.

Planet Aakash

When Aakash conceptualized the idea of Planet Aakash, he thought it as a notion or a place where people can find the motivation to pursue interests and careers in Astronomy; and where he can curate young and upcoming generation to look up into the sky and beyond. He named this place Planet Aakash. Aakash Gautam is now widely referred by the name Planet Aakash.

Planet Aakash Logo

Planet Aakash is multi-platform space and astronomy content sharing entity that has its presence in almost every major social media platform including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogspot, Imgur, and Medium Blog. Analytics show that last year (2018) alone Planet Aakash outreached to more than 6 million people and more than 20 million in the last 4 years.


To further reinforce the idea of educating and advocating the general public on Astronomy, Aakash along with some highly skilled people started a new initiative called CosmosNow. CosmosNow is a parent to CosmosNow website, CosmosNow Magazine and CosmosNow #AstronomyForEveryone non-profit educate-advocate initiative.

CosmosNow Logo

Gautam is the co-founder of the CosmosNow and holds the position of CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CBO (Chief Brand Officer) and CDO (Chief Design Officer) at CosmosNow.

Apparently, CosmosNow Magazine will be India’s first non-organizational Astronomy/Space magazine upon its release. It means it would not be affiliated to any government body/any pseudo-government body/space or science organization.

In Media

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Contact Aakash: ceocosmosnow@gmail.com, mailplanetaakash@gmail.com