About Us


CosmosNow website is an independently run space and astronomy website hailing from India that covers the most important developments in the sphere of space science, space exploration, and space development while sharing it with easily absorbable and understandable language, fun and of course robust scientific base of facts.


CosmosNow Magazine is India’s first non-organizational astronomy magazine with the first issue launched in August 2019.
We are on a mission to provide the best, well-organized, and engaging material on astronomy and outer space to our enthusiastic readers and subscribers.


To make astronomy easier to learn and more fun than it has ever been.


Cultivate curiosity and aware people of astronomy and space exploration. Our goal is to inspire, enter-educate space lovers nationally in India and worldwide.


Explore the cosmos.

CosmosNow continuously thrives to educate the general public, the media and the government on the benefits of exploring outer space and expanding the footprints of mankind in space.

CosmosNow not only educates but also advocates astronomy and space exploration. CosmosNow founding members include some of the most experienced and committed people from the sphere of space/science communication community.

We all collectively, members and volunteers, thrive to outreach astronomy in a way that has never been witnessed before.