Radhika Bangar

Radhika Bangar, Chief Writer and Content Head at CosmosNow

“What you are today and what are your likes are results of one thing that influenced you as a kid; the magnitude of the influence may differ but there is always one thing which shapes the person who he is today.”


The Start!

It was the movie ‘The Deep Impact‘ that intrigued Radhika to know more about space, stars and galaxies; her first ever exposure to SciFi movies. Later as she grew up watching more and more science documentaries on television, reading sundry Sci-fi books which her dad gave her. She fell in love with the cosmos. Rather than just knowing facts or numbers she wanted to explore it. She wants to know HOW and WHY god created this universe and rest are just details. Now some of the ‘athiest’ you might find that illogical, but that’s how she thinks. Not everything’s suppose to make sense right?

The Journey!

Radhika’s journey in space science is kind of low-key. She is a CS Engineer who likes to talk and share about Astronomy. She’s not an astronomer or space communicator, just an astrophile. She believes herself as merely a spectator of this beautiful and vast universe. And along with her page Curiosity for Infinity, here in CosmosNow she got a platform to share her passion with all other spacegeeks like her. She’s more passionate about CS applications in space science like robotics, AI, system designing and developing complex algorithms. Radhika has worked on some machine learning projects and will be developing more. She has keen interest in Sanskrit language’s application in computer science (Natural Language Processing) and is advocate of ancient technology’s correlation with modern technology and wants to explore more in this field.

Radhika Bangar wrote some articles for Secrets of the Universe and is a co-educator at Planet Aakash school.


Space is gargantuan subject, and as a space enthusiast she believes that mankind will unfold many breathtaking mysterious of this Universe. She believes one must be more receptive in order to find something that teaches you something that can change you forever.

“We are merely explorers of Infinity in the pursuit of absolute perfection.”

-Radhika Bangar, Chief Writer & Content Executive

To contact Radhika you can drop a mail on – chiefwriter.cosmosnow@yahoo.com