Rajkumar Shukla

Photograph of Rajkumar Shukla, Co-founder, COO & EIC of India's First Independent Astronomy Magazine- CosmosNow.

Rajkumar Shukla is an Educator, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Science Communicator from Indian origin. He is involved in science in many ways. He makes informative videos on YouTube, Daily posts on Instagram, and articles on his official website.

On the Launch Pad!

He started his journey from one smartphone camera and a green-screen, shooting videos on his building terrace, having no audience at all, and now he has more than 170K+ audience throughout social media and still counting. 

His journey started after his 10th Grade examinations as the vacation begun. Feeling of loneliness after all friends were gone far as the school time ended, took him to his all time love and childhood fascination- Space

Rajkumar started watching YouTube videos, websites, mystery-series/documentaries for more information about those particular topics. He used to spend his whole day and night by reading books of astronomy, space mysteries, watching YouTube videos. Eventually, he realised how people on internet mislead us by giving fake informations just for the sake of attention/view and publicity. He noticed that Indian media was worst of all as it was promoting superstition and fallacy about astronomical events, which are clear science phenomena. He wanted to contribute in this field and provide legit knowledge to people seeking astronomy. 

The Ignition!

This man on the mission then contacted his school-time friend and asked him to help for building such platform. After days of discussion, they came up with an idea of creating an YouTube channel to provide knowledge, where he will share information and his friend (Siddhant Mohite) will take care of the Editing and Management stuffs. This is how The World Of Science was born. 

The Takeoff!

After making around 20+ videos they realised that they should be active on other social media platforms as well to gather the flocks of feather who would love to fly together! They created Pages on other social media platforms and Boom! Now after two and a half years of pure hustle, quality content and consistency, The World Of Science is community of more than 170000+ curious minds

The World Of Science inspired masses to actively take part in science and contribute in it. He has given many motivational speeches and seminars/presentations as well, explaining the importance of thinking out of the box and not simply following the way that the society or education system has decided for you! The World Of Science has it’s official store on Amazon for people to buy and fill their life with more space/science stuffs! 

The Voyage!

To reach out to astronomy lovers at even larger extent, Rajkumar with his wonderful team decided to launch a Space/Astronomy Magazine. So they created another brand- CosmosNow Private Limited. He holds the position of CoFounder & Director of the Company. CosmosNow Magazine is a product of CosmosNow Pvt. Ltd. where Rajkumar holds the position of Chief Operating Officer, Content Head & Editor-in-Chief. Apparently, this Space/Astronomy magazine is India’s First Space Magazine which is non-organisational (not affiliated to any space/science organisation).

Launched on 15th of August, 2019, on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), was definitely a great step in promoting Space Science. 

While studying for his professional career as an astrophysicist, Rajkumar Shukla in age of just 20 years (2020), owns three brands and handles his dad’s businesses as well. He aims to teach every single person on this planet at least the basics of Space and Space Exploration. Rajkumar also use his platforms for social awareness along with science. He believes that science is not just study of some fascinating phenomena but also a way of life. He stands for the right of animals by being a proud promoter of Veganism.


“Space Exploration is the future. It is inevitable. The sooner we accept, the faster we advance!” 

-Rajkumar Shukla, Science Communicator & Entrepreneur



To contact Rajkumar you can drop a mail on – coocosmosnow@gmail.com