Siddhant Mohite

Business minded person with lot of interest in technology and now in Astrophysics too, he was not into Astronomy and was planning lot about technology development before his classmate (Rajkumar Shukla) approached him with an idea of astronomy, lacking Astronomical and physics knowledge in people here in India. He saw a opportunity to grow in this field.

It was summer vacation and they just had gave their secondary school exams. They were planning to start something new, interesting and genuine. They came up with The World Of Science, but the start was very bad and slow. They were just students and were not having enough budget to do something professional. They started making YouTube videos and gaining audience, later they expanded to other social media platforms which helped them to reach many people. Today their total family is of 100K+ and they are providing genuine knowledge.

He is in hospitality studies as professional astrophysics studies is not what he want and his partner already pursuing it. He believes if anyone want to contribute in any field, professional studies is not necessary, knowledge and implementation of knowledge is important. It’s totally up to you what you want to do and how you will do, it’s not necessary there will always be an opportunity waiting for you, you will have to create it sometimes. Believe in yourself, do what you really want, focus on the particular thing you aim to achieve, you will achieve it anyhow. His future plans seems impossible to him but he will try everyday harder and harder and will definitely try to achieve them with every possible perspective.

The reach is yet not as much as he wants and always in search of more and more opportunity. Recently with other two social media brands they came up with the plan of Astronomy magazine which is releasing on 15th of August. Their aim is to reach maximum people to increase their knowledge about Astronomy.

He currently, at the minor age of 17 and half, is the owner/co-founder of three brands which are willing to achieve a lot and lot further. The only thing he knows is to try harder and achieve whatever he wants. He believes future is Astronomy and space exploration and he has many plans with it.

“Astronomy and Space exploration is our future, after few years it won’t be option but will become necessity. Let’s make our future bright!”

– Siddhant Mohite (Visionary Entrepreneur & Space and Technology Enthusiast)

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